Accidentally turned off brave rewards

Hello i had aprox. 153 brave and when checking my balance tried to go back. I accidently turn brave rewards off and turned it back on right away. I can see the details that show how many bat i accumulated however the balance now shows 0.00. Is there any way of getting them back?

Hello, @CryptoS357. Is this on desktop, or mobile?

It happened on my android device

Are you on version 1.8.112? If so, you may be experiencing a known issue with Android. Our team is working hard to resolve this issue in a timely manner. Please do not remove or modify Brave in the interim. We have to have this issue resolved soon.

Ok yes i am on version 1.8.112. And will make sure not to modify anything.

Thank you

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Thank you. We’ll work hard to restore your experience as quickly as possible.

Any updates on this issue?

I am now on version 1.10.94 and still can’t see me 153 or so Bat that disapeared.
Are there any updates on how to fix this problem?

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