Accessing safe & available webpages

Firstly, I create a new topic on the same topic as my previous posts. Because what I want to say is different from my previous posted topics.
Previously, I wasn’t aware of brave performing on split second latency. Next, I figured, in order for brave to perform on webpage usability, its privacy features are not allowed to intervene with webpage functionality.
And that’s what got me to update. Chrome uses certain tools to discourage users from accessing safe & available webpages. Chrome does that by putting messages up that refer to the webpage as ‘unsafe’. It’s because people want to feel being safeguarded.
Besides that users don’t want a browser which default settings intervene with webpage functionality, of lesser importance, in order to appeal to all users, is a browser that does not, in any way, discourage them from accessing safe & available webpages. Chrome knows to keep up their performance by only discouraging people from accessing unpopular safe & available webpages.
I tell all this, because, in order to appeal to all users, this means a browser is there to browse each part of the internet, no matter how big or small, no matter how (un)popular.