Accessing Passwords with Login Data

Hello, I reset my computer and lost all my passwords but I saved my ‘Login Data’ and ‘Login Data For Account’ Files, I was wondering if I was able to recover my passwords from these files.

If you reset your computer, then no because of encryption, that means, those files can only be accessed through the OS installation you just reset and nowhere else.

Alright, Thanks for the info.

How do I sync all my passwords I have saved in password manager and bookmarks from one device to another?

Either export bookmarks and passwords to plain text files and import them in another desktop computer (Android on nightly can import bookmarks now as well).

Or use Sync feature, which is the best way to send your data securely to another device, especially mobile.

You have to remember it consists of 25 words, and the last word changes daily, which you can get here:

Also, you have to remember to enable password and bookmark synchronization in BOTH (or more) devices, if not you are only sending data to the server and never getting it in your devices.

First device to synchronize to the Brave Sync server, will give the first sync data information which all the other devices will get and sync. After that, it’s about the order when sync pushes happen, so the only ‘master’ node in the sync chain is the server itself, giving all the same info to all the devices.

Basically create chain → enable sync everything (if you want) or select what you want to send and get, and then scan the QR code in your mobile devices or enter the 25 words in another desktop computer, then in those devices toggle what you want to get and send.

Also, you can also sync passwords in a device and then turn it off, of course any subsequent password you add to that device will not be send to the server, so other devices won’t get it, but you can toggle anytime, you are not restricted to send and receive everything.

Brave sync doesn’t use email and password for the sync feature, so you can create many sync chains and easily leave and join them, of course, if you are going to do that, the best thing is first to leave the chain, remove the data, and then join another sync chain, so you don’t sync back changes you don’t need and get sync items properly isolated.

it is simple, but some people miss the key things like send and receive and the 25th word changing daily and all that.