Accessing MetaMask Vault Data from old Brave Browser version 0.27.3

I’m currently working in an old brave browser version 0.27.3, which is no longer supported. I used metamask 4.11.1 on it to store my wallet and I’d like to access this wallet again.

However I cannot open it anymore.
In the new brave browser I installed metamask and it is asking for my 12 word phrase. However I cannot find it, so I want to crack open the metamask vault data. However for that I need to be able to fill in a code in the URL bar in the old browser, which is locked from use.

I am wanting to find the location of my MetaMask Vault Data of my Old Brave Browser. So that I can crack it open, and use what I find inside to use MetaMask on the new Brave Browser.

So the problem is:
How do I find the location of the MetaMask Vault Data for the old Brave Browser, when I cannot use the URL bar at the top?

My expected result is that I can find this location, or still use metamask in this browser by using my original ether wallet password.

old brave browser version 0.27.3

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