Accessing Facebook Messenger from rather than or the desktop site


Most browsers on Android cannot access Facebook messenger feature directly from their main mobile address, I can still access FB Messenger by using (which is very simple and designed for feature phones with web access) or switching to the desktop page (which is not formatted for such a tiny screen).

The only browser I’m aware of that still allows me to do this is the Opera Mobile browser. Brave, Firefox, Chrome, Opera Mini, etc., all send me to the Google app store and try to make me download the Facebook Messenger app. I prefer to use the web page since browsers can be a bit more secure than native apps.

My question is can we change Brave to let users access FB Messenger through the mobile site? If not, are you willing/able to explain why not? I completely understand if it’s difficult or if FB doesn’t allow it, but I’ve just never heard a definitive answer, other than they’re trying to steer users towards their messenger app. If that’s the answer, so be it, but I’m curious.

Thank you for everything, I’ve enjoyed watching Brave grow.


@cynical13 actually I can open it using Brave. IIRC, it ask for it for the first time I access it.

And I think it’s depends on Facebook rather than Brave.


I did not have the same experience you did, apparently.

That also, unfortunately, doesn’t help me figure out why Opera is the only one that works right away for me. I’d love it to just be a setting I have to adjust, but the first time I logged into FB on Android and tried to use messenger, it pushed me to the app store and refuses to open. I can send messages, just not read them.


Just to be clear, I did not mean to be sarcastic with my response, so I hope it wasn’t taken that way. Once I thought on it, I realized it might have sounded a little snippy.