Accessing extensions web page through the browser icon

I wanted to get to new “extensions”, and when I click on the icon in the addressbar and then again click on “manage extensions”, I get another link to go to where a page turns up, that asks me to log into Google, or somehow get into contact to them… Really ?
I was under the impression that Goggle is the last thing I would find in Brave…

Are you looking at brave://extensions/ ?

And then subsequently, you can go to to choose and install extensions. It’s a Google site but as best I can tell, there’s no need to log in to get extensions. I’ve installed many without being logged into Google.

If you’re seeing something different, can you show a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

I get there by clicking the icon in the address bar, the one that looks like a piece from a puzzle.

sometimes I get to extension page, and sometimes the standard Google “Sign in” page comes up

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