Accessibility Setting For Touch And Hold Delay Is Ignored By Brave During Webpage Interaction

Description of the issue:
In Android 11, there is a category of settings in the accessibility suite called ‘interaction and dexterity’. Within that category is an accessibility setting that customizes the touch duration required to activate the ‘touch and hold’ trigger systemwide. Here is a screenshot.

I get very shaky sometimes, which makes it difficult for me to trigger a touch and hold event under those circumstances. The shaking registers as multiple taps, because technically that’s what I’m doing. So I have the setting customized to shrink the trigger down to a duration I find comfortable to use. It works in other apps like Firefox and such, but for some reason Brave is ignoring the setting and using the default tap and hold duration. Can this be looked into please?

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra on Android 11.

Additional Information:
The setting seems to be applied to tool tips, browser menus, etc. For instance if I long press on one of the squares in my top sites after opening a new tab, Brave honors the accessibility setting and uses my customized long press duration. But if I am on a webpage and try to long press a link, image, text, etc, the setting is ignored and the default value is used.

@Mattches When you get a moment, could you look into this? Upon further inspection, the behavior actually seems to be the same in Firefox. It works when interacting with the browser, but not when interacting with a webpage.

Thank you for reporting. I was not aware of this feature until now so I’m not sure about it’s functionality. I’ve reached out to our Android team to confirm whether or not this should work and whether or not it’s something we have control over.

Appreciate your patience.

So you see this same behavior in Firefox, is that correct? Do you also see this behavior in Chrome?

That is correct for Firefox. As for Chrome, I don’t have it installed. But I could install it and test that in a few moments.

Would appreciate the test — will forward info to our Android team.

Sorry about that, it slipped my mind. The same behavior is present in Chrome. No difference.

Thank you for confirming. This will likely have to wait for an upstream fix in Chromium.

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