Accessibility request

hi, please forgive me if this is in the totally wrong place. i am a blind person, and totally new to this forum. the links and menus on this page are confusing to say the least from an accessibility point of view. i am using a screen reader called jaws. there are three things that jump out in the desktop version. i would like to see a shortcut key to get to the book marks menu such as ctrl+a, like ie had. i would like to see more accessibility in the bookmark manager. it is nearly impossible to navigate it and move things with a screen reader. also, when a dialogue box appears on a web site, jaws just says “ok” for the button. when you use the virtual view option in jaws you can see the full dialogue such as “brave says:” and then the message. ie displayed this automatically. please change this to make it more accessible, or at least provide a shortcut key to allow it to be read. i would also say, that this seems to be a general chrome problem. google chrome and ms edge also do the same thing. maybe some sort of extension? regards, pat.

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