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So I disconnected my publishing creator rewards from Uphold because they kept charging $3 to send currency to external wallets. That defeats the whole purpose of crypto currency. So I connected to Gemini and my rewards aren’t matching my wallet in Gemini.

My balance in the creators publishing is about 29 BAT’s. My balance in Gemini is $0.00.

How can I either send my crypto to an external wallet or get Gemini to reflect my publishing rewards?

AFAIK your creator’s wallet can’t be synced with either Uphold or Gemini.

You’ll have to wait for next payment date to transfer your Creator’s balance into Gemini.

FYI Uphold and Gemini or other exchanges will charge high network fees for BAT or any coin that comes under Ethereum Blockchain.

For more info :-

My recommendation is exchange BAT into XRP as of XRP has low network fees then transfer XRP to an external wallet.


How do I send the balance from the publishing to an external wallet? It’s similar to telling someone that they have a house but they can’t have access to their own property.

Also I didn’t disconnect Uphold until September 6, 2020. Why didn’t My BAT transfer into Uphold if what you are saying is true? I’ve had those BAT’s over 2 months and they never deposited into Uphold at all so why would the deposit into Gemini next month?

Payout is still in process for this month

Please wait if you don’t receive it then wait for next month.

If you connected/verified Gemini wallet this month then you’ll receive rewards next month.

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I’m not talking about ads rewards. I’m talking about Publishing rewards.

They’re in process too

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