Access site omitting index.html

My website does not resize index.html if it is accessed from a mobil phone as but does resize if the adress is written Works on Safari and Firefox but not on Brave.

It also happens with Chrome, thus it is a Chromium feature. Likely Edge as well.
Do you have any means to test Chrome and Edge from an Android mobile?

The workaround would be having a redirect to index.html instead of a rewrite or a forward. It all depends on the web server you are using.

yeah I would check in Chrome, if Brave / Chrome do the same thing not much we can do unless its a chromium bug or a website bug.

Chrome does work as it should on my phone.
I will check Edge. / Ragnar

Edge works too. So Safari, Foxpro, Chrome and Edge works. Only Brave does not.

This code snippet did the trick:

Now the page size adaption works on my mobile phone also in Brave.