Access Denied Error when trying to load web page

Description of the issue: will not load in Brave

Steps to Reproduce: Enter ( and hit Enter

Actual Result: Error screen with this message

Access Denied

You don’t have permission to access “” on this server.

Reference #18.d4e4e68.1695413104.60ffe10

Expected result:Open Website

Reproduces how often: Everytime

Operating System: MacOS 13.6
Brave Version: 1.58.131

Additional Information: I am getting this error reply when trying to access a website that has work for me for the last year. I also try it on another browser and it works fine.

@PJCUSA if you have time, would be nice to do some of the usual “troubleshooting” steps which will help to possibly narrow down problems. Do one step at a time, then can revert back if no success.

  • Any changes if you turn off Shields on the site?

  • Does it work in Private window?

  • If not, try in a new browser profile. This will create a second profile with default settings and no extensions. Just see if it logs in there.

  • If you’re using a VPN or proxy, can you try disabling them temporarily to see if it has an impact?

  • If still have same issue in the above, could you try in Brave Beta or Brave Nightly to see if it works?

  • Lastly, if somehow none of the above works, can you check if it works on Chrome or any other chromium browser? (Such as Vivaldi, Edge, etc) I see you mentioned you try it on another browser and it works fine, but not sure if you’re doing something like Firefox or Safari? If so, they aren’t chromium and doing in chromium browser will let it be known if it might just be a chromium issue.

I actually have icloud no longer letting me log in on any chromium browser unless I use a VPN. If I use a VPN, it lets me login. But other browsers, such as Firefox, will login with no issues. So yeah, weird things can happen like that.,

  • No improvement on the first 3 items.

  • I then switched to a different WiFi not protected by a VPN and it worked fine.

  • I switched to Firefox and got the same problem on VPN.

  • For some reason it works fine in Safari with or without VPN.

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@PJCUSA Yeah, it’s interesting. It may be that they have begun to block VPN as other banks, such as Bank of America, have done. Other thing may be whatever you were connected to. I was seeing a thread on Reddit from a couple years ago where people said needed to connect to a VPN to a server in the US or it would give the same messages you got.


Obviously would be a lot of testing to figure things out on whether it matters what you’re connected to and all. I’m assuming with you using Safari and Mac, both Apple products, it could also be that Apple was leaking more details about you and your device which is what let you log in.

Thank you for all that very helpful information. I also appreciate the quick replies. Have a great weekend.

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