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i currently run b 0.19.70 rev d4b94c6 on a win 7 SP1 32 bit laptop .I’m beginning to have a recurring problem of gaining access to ebay. I’ve completely lowered the shields but i keep getting prompted invalid password .Eventually i can sometimes gain access ,and when i find and item i want to purchase, click on" buy now", i immediately get thrown off the site , and once again i’m trying to gain access , this time the system keeps prompting me " incorrect password "…when i switch to an alternate browser , no problems with passwords or making a purchase…as i said before i lower the shields when using brave to access e bay


Could you try clearing the browser cache once and see it allows you to login and continue shopping?


Now have B 0.19.80 rev 7d07299 installed , cleared the cache , lowered the screens signed into E BAY , easy …selected item to purchase , clicked on "buy now " , immediately signed me out , and this time the system doesn’t recognize my username or password …usually remembers my username and the only obstacle is my password…not this time …nutter


just an update on this recurring problem i’m having with ebay…i now have 0.19.88 rev c29eca6 installed on my 32 bit sp2 windows 7 laptop …with the cache cleared and the shields down , no problem signing in to ebay…but as soon as i attempt to make a purchase , immediately get signed out and unable to sign back in, system doesn’t recognize my valid user name or password:thinking:

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