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Hello community,

I have a question regarding the acceptable ads program. Do you also offer the option for users to accept certain non-intrusive ads like Adblock Plus or Adblock?

Otherwise I do not understand why you say the following in the FAQs:
“We do use some of the filter rules that are associated with “Acceptable Ads””

Many thanks in advance.


Yes with the option: Show brave ads! It is not totally implomented yet thought… :wink:


Hi @Sascha170889 & @Jacalz,

To clarify on a couple things…

Regarding the Acceptable Ads program:
We are not going to be involved with this specific program at this point, or in the near future.

Eyeo runs this program (same company that owns and operates adblock plus), and while it’s nice that they are doing something, their criteria is purely cosmetic, which only addresses a small part of the problem with bad ads.

There are also a lot of ads that are allowed in that program that we don’t want to expose our users to, for example: Taboola and Outbrain ads, and Google ads.
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The program doesn’t offer tracking protection either, and doesn’t appear to be monitored very well.

What we are working on is a different approach:
We are working on developing BAT (Basic Attention Token) to approach ads in a more secure and anonymous way that rewards users for their attention in addition to advertisers.

You can check out more info on this, and sign up for updates at


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