Acceptable Ads/ Alternate Lifestyle Support?

I get the Crypto ads…I really do

I would like to know why I am getting ads to support transvestites, gays, lgbtqw/e…WTF?

Just because I happen to like Pornhub doesn’t mean its ok to send me advertising for an alternate lifestyle that I do not support and quite frankly find offensive. Yes its tee shirts, that doesnt matter…Why am I getting this?

I am NOT your target audience and do believe that should be pulled from rotation or at least give me the opportunity to opt out of certain types of ads.

Thank you for reaching out to us.
If you feel an ad is inappropriate or offensive to you, please contact regarding your experience.

Please note that we plan to include additional feedback and overall control to the Brave Ads feature. We appreciate your patience – it’s important to remember that Brave Ads is only ~1 month old and will require time to grow.

Thank you.

I have contacted them as you said…no response and I am still getting the same ads over and over.

I fixed it!
I turned off all ads and no longer support anyone

Please understand that our team must comb through thousands of emails covering a wide range of requests and questions every week. It’s been ~9 days (at the time of writing this) since you made you original post and sent the subsequent email. Please be patient and we will get to your request.

As you’ve deduced, you’re also able, and welcome, to turn Ads off at any point in time.
Thank you.

Thank You…

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