Acceptable ad tracking

Seemed bit fishy…

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which website or extension i this??

Seems OK @nithishgta. Can you elaborate more?

Also worth to read

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I’ve never had any browser score better on the Panopticlick test than that, even ones with fingerprint protection.


Yeah I agree but that single RED cross wasnt quite interesting to watch. Thats wht thought of reporting here…

I agree that you should read the link @eljuno referenced. Brave probably has the best fingerprinting protection out-of-the-box of any Chromium browser that I’m aware of. I use it precisely because of its privacy features. :+1: :+1:

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Hello all, we’ve recently worked with the EFF to update Panopticlick. Panopticlick’s results now correctly reflect Brave’s privacy protections. The site will now show desktop and Android Brave users that they have a very high level of privacy protection. We’re currently working to enable these protections for iOS users too.
Go to and test it out.