Abuse of Referral system by Polish Youtubers

Dear Brave

I would like to make a formal complaint, and a report regarding an oncoming wave of fake referrals, that your site will be getting. I have quite a lot of evidence, hopefully you do have someone that speaks fluent polish, if not you can definitely translate the evidence that I will be providing to you. I am quite a small youtuber, with around 6k subs and I have been approached by another Youtuber whether I want to make some money. I was interested and he added me to a group called ‘BRAVE TEAM’ now that group has around 20-30 Youtubers that are of a size 5-50k on Youtube. Those Youtubers are 100% Polish which means there is no way that they should get group 1,2 or 3 referrals. But the so called ‘TEAM’ provides them with referrals of higher value. Those are obviously fake referrals, I am not sure how they are done, but each of them is promised around 2000PLN of the 10000PLN that they make. 8000 being sent to the TEAM. With that being said, I am attaching all members of the group, so that you can verify this information for yourself, as well as screenshots from the group, to see the evidence. If you need me to provide information that is sent by the main guy ‘Karol Kaleta’ via a message, I have those recorded too. It really looks like Brave is a great business, and I would not like for it to be abused by some people trying to make quick money and abusing the referral system that could be beneficial for many other creators on the platform. Please do not hesitate to contact if you need more information. I will be more than happy to help. Please do take this situation seriously, as a lot of your money could be at risk. If I have contacted the wrong email, please do transfer the message to the appropriate department.

This is an email that I have sent to BRAVE, I am posting it here for extra reach and exposure, hopefully we can get those guys, and save the company a lot of money. If you can bump this post and let brave see it would be great. I will not post any sensitive information about those guys here. So please do contact me privately. All the best!

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Thank you for reaching out to us with this.

Would you mind sending me the link to their YT channel in a DM so that we can further investigate?

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