Abra Scam - Brave Advertising For Unvetted Companies - Abra Scam

Hello, I just wanted to contact you regarding one of the companies you allow to advertise on your platform. I know it is a fools error to assume you vet companies before allowing them to advertise in your browser pop up adverts. However this company Abra is an absolute scam and I would appreciate it if you could discontinue your advertising relationship with them.

#1 The pop up claims $20 account bonus for new account with minimum 1$ deposit, yet leads to a page that claims $15 as the bonus…This is supposed to be paid in “CPRX” an exchange native token one would assume. However there is no such token listed on any reputable site even coinmarketcap.com has no stats for this coin… additionally when searching within their app despite offering other real coins (BTC, ETH…etc.) there is no listing for their own native “CPRX” token despite having a “Buy CPRX” button inside certain menus in the app. Needless to say account bonuses will never be paid out.

#2 They appear to simply be harvesting peoples personal info but un-willing to fulfill the promises they made to get you to join. Essentially this feels like the inherent opposite of why I use the Brave browser and I hope you would consider not continuing to promote them. Again all due diligence belongs with the user who engages the ad…but why help spread the scam.

#3 On face value they are unable to deliver what they promise in the initial brave pop up advertisement so it is hard to not call it out as a scam.

#4 Do a web search for Abra Account Bonus and tell me you see anyone who got their supposed CPRX reward after fulfilling the terms of the signup agreement.

I love the Brave browser, I love BAT, I don’t like seeing something I trust so much inadvertently shilling for an outright scam. The business model Abra is displaying seems wholly antithetical to the ideals of Brave… namely the right to privacy…again, the onus for due diligence is on me…but Abra appears to have no intention of doing much but collecting personal data and accepting deposits.

Please consider all this for me. Your attention is appreciated.

Your Friend and appreciative supporter… Arien


Typical scam…

You know what you will get? Answer from template. They will take no action to stop scammy ads displaying. Why? Every ad that displays generates money.

I received my cprx. Do your research on ABRA, they’re legit. Just get in contact and sort it.

Abra is actually a legit company. I’ve never had an issue with them. However, I do see how you believe they are crooked. I had an old account with them and yesterday received 79.5 CPRX which paid me $150 roughly. You’ll have to read the article about it to understand more what it’s utility is. It’s real and your capable of cashing it out when you’ve held it for so long. Or trade it into another crypto.

We’ll double check to make sure the ad copy offer matches the webpage copy, but this was vetted in advance of deployment.

If the copy doesn’t match, we will update the ads to match.

FWIW, we vet all crypto campaigns in advance, including this one.

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