About WebRTC leaks


Hello, before i begin i would like to congratulate all the Brave team for their great work with this browser!.

I am a person who likes to contribute with open source projects, so i would like to make a suggestion, this browser like many others (unfortunately) still has problems with webRTC filtering on Android, this can be checked in some web pages dedicated to showing vulnerabilities or leaks of browsers, in my case, i have used BrowserLeaks but you can use any other.
I recently discovered a browser on github that has a patch against this, i have compiled a version with this commit and everything seems to work fine, but i do not know if it can cause some kind of problem to some users.
This is just an idea to try to collaborate with the improvement of this great browser, i would like it to be incorporated, but i would be able to understand if the developers did not want to do it, thanks :slight_smile:!



Patched browser https:// ibb.co/bC9J1b
Brave https:// ibb.co/jPuOZw


Hi @santiagoopintos,

I’m not sure about this. Did you check with Fingerprinting Protection enabled?


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