About uphold wallet verification

I downloaded brave browser a day ago. I heard about BAT, brave rewards etc. After turning on this feature I tried verify wallet. When I clicked in “verify wallet” it took me to uphold page. And then the screen is blank. I tried to reload, restart the browser but nothing happens. Then I copied the link and paste it into Firefox but still nothing happened also there. How to solve this problem? How can I verify the wallet? I am completely new in this side so it would be very helpful if you solve this problems in easy steps. There is photo attaching option so couldn’t show you the screenshots. I am using Brave on Windows PC .

I’ve had the same problem for about a week now. I’ve made a forum post (as suggested) and given as much detail as possible. No reply to my latest comment. I have no clue what’s going on, but it’s not just you. I’ve seen multiple posts about this but no solution.

I emailed Uphold and they say that Brave needs to verify me from their (Brave’s) end and then things should work fine. :expressionless:

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Then I think Brave is useless for me now. I should uninstall it :yawning_face:

Hi. BNibir
:skull:download uphold from google play. Set the same currency as on your brave account and that’s about it

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