About unpaid grants token this month

I have installed 1.8.112 version for Android. But i did not get my grants token this month yet but i got ads payment after insralled that version. But i am very dissapear for grants token that i did not get this month yet. Please send back my grants token i selected 25 bat for auto contribute and i visited enough sites for that but i Didn’t get my monthly contribution this month.please send my monthly contribution payment quickl.

Can you explain more about this?
Screenshot will be really helpful.


I wanted to tell you that, after installed 1.8.112 version on Android i got my ads payment but i Didn’t get my monthly contribution token this month. I selected only 25 bat for auto contribute or grants token that date was may 13. And i visited enough sites but i Didn’t get my monthly contribution this mont.

Seems like you misunderstood the feature @9rs.

Brave Rewards have 2 main features.

  • Brave Ads

the feature that allow users to earn BAT

  • Tip, Auto-contribute, and Monthly Contribution

features that allow Brave users to support publishers and content creators by giving them BAT

So, no. You’ll not get BAT from Auto-contribute. Because this feature is to give not to earn.


If i select 100 bat for grants token, how much sites I will need to visit.please tell me.

This one @9rs :point_up:
No matter how many BAT you select under Auto-contribute, you’ll never received that BAT. Because that feature is to give.

I want to know, how much rewards system of brave browse.?

It’s vary for each user. Because the only way to get rewarded as user is by opt-in to Brave Ads.

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So,are you want to understanding me that, i only rewarded for ads,not for monthly grants token?

Yes. The only way for users to earn BAT is by opt-in go Brave Ads.

But at past brave browser rewarded user by two ways, ads and grants token. But now why brave browser just paid for ads?

Because Brave Ads is now live and running.

In the past, Brave issued free grants so users can try the Rewards system. And now it’s replaced by Brave Ads.

Ok thanks for your patient.

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I want to tell, thanks for your patience.