"About this page" issue

Description of the issue:
Every time I type anything (except an URL) into an empty URL bar and press enter the browser display captcha instead of result for searched word

How can this issue be reproduced?
Type any word into an URL bar and press enter

Expected result:
Searched word should be searched immediately just as it works in other browsers.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.27.109 Chromium: 92.0.4515.115 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:
Screenshot below


Thank you for reaching out to us.
Can I ask what your default search engine is set to at this time? Additionally, are you connected to a VPN?


I have set the search engine to google on all my devices. I am not using VPN. Same happens on all devices where I am using Brave.

Can you please try clearing your cache/browsing data (Menu --> History --> Clear browsing data)and then see if the issue persists?


I’ve cleared cache/browsing data and for now it looks good. Will test for day or two and will let you know.

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few days passed and I don’t experience the issue anymore.

Thank you very much for help

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You’re very welcome – glad to hear that seemed to do the trick. Please don’t hesitate to reach out again if you have any questions or concerns.