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Password fails on crypto wallet, Have to use seed to access account, and reset password, but new password fails next time I log on.

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I can’t login to the crypto wallet after setting it up. Typing my password and trying to login just kicks me back to the screen and the button to enter the import using seed phrase doesn’t work. Is this being worked on?

Hello. Before anyone calls me dumbass or retard… I admit it. I’m a dumbass. Now that we’ve got that out if the way, please help?gulp

I mistakenly sent 401.213014318078456328 DOS tokens to the “actual contract address of the DOS network token”

I added the contract address to my coinomi wallet (because I had to manually add the token) and then somehow I mistakenly pasted the contract address into the “send to” address.

I sent it from my Brave wallet (IN my brave browser)

I have a attached a screenshot of the transaction from the wallet

and a screenshot of the transaction on etherscan.

I’m asking you for help because I sent it from brave wallet to the actual contract address of the token. The transaction was successful and confirmed, so I think there’s hope?

Can you help? Its not much… just around $127 but it represents my efforts to scrape together the money I have and invest in things I believe in.

PLease help? Thank you!! Screenshots follow.