About the value of BAT when receiving payment from Brave Creator

Hello guys,
I am wondering about the BAT payment on the Brave Creator system.
For example, one day 1 of the month, the system will automatically block all BATs to generate a payment report. This BAT will be priced in USD at that time or paid in USD at the time of 8 of the month?
I have 100 BAT
Day 1 BAT costs 0.5 Day 8 BAT costs 1

Will I receive a payment of 100 or 50?

Depends. But:

The payout is made in BAT, if you have changed the settings to receive USD dollars insted, at the exact moment when the payout is credited to your account then is converted from BAT to USD using the current market price (of the moment).

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Hi, I see, so how can I change the setting again to receive BAT instead of USD? I couldn’t find it in settings :frowning:

In your reward pannel

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I am seeing The payout report is currently generating. Please check back later. Is your payout report generated? When will it be generated? Please help me bro.

This is normal, that banner won´t dessapear until the payout´s of this months are done.
During the 1-8 of the month they make a cash closing to process payouts. From 8-12 more less the payments begin, you can receive your payment during those days and it can came in parts (maybe 5 BAT the first day and 2 the next day and so on until the grants are finish).

If the payouts are done and you didn´t receive any BAT earnings please post a thread or contact the them for support, they take time to debug the problem but they commonly work it out. If that´s the case ask for steeven.

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Great, thanks for explaining my problem very clearly. Have a good day.


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