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We are, for the first time, enabling users to tip BAT for individual Tweets.

Twitter Tipping FAQ

When will the Tweet tipping feature be available?

The feature was made available on May 23 to a small subset of users via Brave Nightly. The feature will move down the pipeline for version 0.67x starting with the developer channel build landing on May 28.

Will all platforms be supported?

Only the desktop version of Brave Browser is supported at this time. There are no confirmed dates for Android or iOS support.

How can creators signup or become verified?

Content creators can get verified to receive their tips on the Brave Creators website.

How will unverified Twitter creators be notified of a tip?

Users who tip an unverified creator on Twitter will have the ability to notify them via @ mention after. This will give the creator an opportunity to collect their tip by verifying as a Brave Creator on creators.brave.com

How will the facebook sharing work?

Users that have Facebook accounts can message their friends and family that they tipped their favorite Twitter handles/message. While the recipient will not know, the user can share their goodwill via the message allowing their friends and family to download Brave.

Am I forced to tweet about my tip?

No, you must choose to do so. The message is pre-canned to allow them to be easily Tweeted.

Will the contributions to Twitter users be different?

No. Brave will use the same mechanism utilized for existing contributions to contribute to Twitter creators.

Can Ad Rewards be used for tipping twitter creators?

Yes they can!

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