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How do I customize sites on my new tab page?

Works great, I think you should extend it to 18 tiles and port it to Android too!

On desktop it really works great, despite the 12 sites limit.

But is it also available on android? I can’t seem to find a way to edit the top sites of the widget and (apparently) the help page is specific to desktop.

Just want to be sure I’m not missing anything.


I would really like to see the ability to manage the Top Sites list in Brave for Android.

so there is no way to add more than those 12?
If so I have to open a feature request :slight_smile:

Hello, new Brave user for 2~ months now, brought along some family members, and they are requesting more tiles! More tiles!

12 is not enough for them, as they have more than 12 personal sites that they want to fit into the new tab page. For now they use bookmarks. I think 18 would be enough, but more the merrier.