About the system detection of fraud

Sir you said you trust asad review and i post here what he reply on email… So what was true? And about the system you trust the system? I know you are the part of the team brave… You donot consider our ideas? We promoters are your frontliners we see things you didnot see… Just a realtalk sir , im not against on brave just want truth here. Why many of publishers who do the real don’t on brave are not suspended? No content, no subs, has referral but only download… No install… Then get a tip… So if you think of it how those people get a tip without a content and recieve their pay outs… Then i have fb groups some of th confess they made a self tip then their accts are not suspended then they get their pay outs… How could you explain that sir… Then how could you explain this email of asad to me ! If asad do the decision then my account should get unsuspend now… Coz this is what he say to me…

Maybe sir…
Brave should change their system about tipping into automatic send tip once you watch contents 3-5 mins automatic send for 1 bat to that creator… ,then 2-10 bat for many minutes watch and put a switch, ,on or off on automatic sending so that the freedom of sending tip is always there!!! … Because thats the purpose of brave rewards, send a tip to the content creators like/love by someone… Unlike now even without content just a channel once verified you can send a tip!!! Which is not the real purpose of brave rewards…the purpose of brave rewards was not properly used. and easily got abused!!! And a chance of leading to suspension of good accounts…like mine… I have also one referral got 38 confirmed yet you suspend also… Only referrals… If you permanently suspend my account because i recieve tips you should change your system on sending tips!!! So that control will be there!!! Like my account i dont know some of who send me a tip coz i just share my channel and video tutorial about brave… I cannot control them to send me a little bat for my account to get safety of suspension!!! Because one thing i saw here!!! Those who recieve small tips of bat even without content, no subscriber, worst no referral… their account was not suspended… Some recieve their 2nd pay out without active content… But like my account who i really work hard, make contents that can help Others like brave tutorials my content got 100’200 -500 views… And i work also on promotion got 170 installed refs , 9 confirmed as of april 5 but just easily got suspended and worst labeled as fraud and permanent suspend…

I think you raise a few really valid points here.

  1. If you see folks in fb groups promoting fraud, it would be lovely if you let us know about that. :slight_smile:
  2. Just because someone else did fraud, that doesn’t make it right.
  3. I do agree that we could make adjustments to our system. It’s always a careful balance of what is easy for users to promote growth versus what is hard enough for fraudsters to go play a different game.

For anyone asking about specific suspension information suspensions@brave.com is really the place to go. The publicly viewable community is not correct for sensitive information.

I appreciate the feedback! The meta-discussion around fraud & suspensions is important because we do want creators putting good content out there to be rewarded and not use bad tracking ads to pay their bills.

Thanks sir i will email now

One thing sir why when i email, email says to go here… And when i go here ypu want me to go to email… The truth sir where should i go to get real support?

Haha! That is certainly a bug in the automatic response. I’ll make sure that @Mattches and @Asad know.

We don’t want our users running in a circle. :smiley:

Thanks for letting us know!


Okay sir thanks… I just email…