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boa tarde, preciso de ajuda para saber como encontro o meu ID de pagamento?

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Hello, I need help, I have my “uphold” wallet verified and connected, but when I try to link my brave wallet with my uphold wallet, to send my BATs, the following message appears…

This is regarding “Error: Region currently not supported”. I previously received brave rewards to my uphold wallet, I have uploaded proof. Due to a issue in my PC, I had to shift to new PC and had to reinstall brave browser and reconnect the new browser to my existing uphold wallet. The above error occurs when trying to connect. Also I’m from Sri Lanka. It says that “We are unable to offer new accounts in the following locations” for the Sri Lankan Region. Please help.
Uphold Brave Non-Supported-Jurisdictions

I no longer have access to the account’s previous email, I would like to change the email to receive the rewards.

@Shakavirgo how can they are 4 months backed up from paying me? Where my bats

I have only received a small part of my BAT rewards using Uphold.

Kindly check and revert back.



Same thing happened to me

I had around 100 bat(pc and mobile) before iv signed up for uphold but now i have only 6bat …idk why

Can you help me out ?

I haven’t received my September and October Brave rewards. I wrote in the incident page the last week but no one is getting in touch with me to resolve the incident

A mi Uphold me cancelo la cuenta siendo un nuevo usuario y no me dan explicación de nada.

I have not received any rewards since May 2023. I’ve tried resetting my account several times, and installed on a different computer and still no rewards. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am also having a similar problem! Mine has been since November-December 2023, after connecting Uphold wallet. I hope Brave developers and staff fix this! It’s frustrating since I’ve tried connecting Gemini before and it gave me region connect issues despite being IN one of the purportedly supported regions. So I decided to use Uphold since the previous response I got from a Brave official staff was that they were working on it. However, I didn’t realize that I wasn’t receiving the payouts saved to the wallet despite it saying connected on Uphold.com Not happy, especially with going out of my way to make those accounts and contribute by enabling BAT. Used it since the early days of not needing the wallet or custodial account. I may just give up on this crypto-shenanigans altogether; my last straw.