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my march rewards are on the way for 2 days now please help

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admin please help me/
how can i get my reward already 2days on the way?

Hi, I"m kind of new here and completely new to crypto.

Anyway, I got Uphold verified and my March rewards went from 2.75 BAT to zero and it doesn’t show up in the Uphold account.

Is it because it take time for Uphold to process?

Thank you for enlightening me on this matter in advance :pray:


Thank you for your reply.
However, I’m not sure what it means.
Does it mean I need to pin my post, create a new thread or, do nothing?

Hola, aún no recibo mi pago en uphold. Las recompensas Brave

Why My brave rewards are not added to my uphold wallet, everytime i try to add it shows something went wrong , plz help me with this


March reward when I receive it?

I am very knew at this. I am going to need help

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Same issue on mobile phone on my side this month, I used Uphold and brave since fews month It works well and my uphold is verified. Uphold support tells me that issue come from brave, could you solved it ? (after change password of uphold, my desktop was disconnected too and now I can not connected it again, it tell me that : Error: Brave Rewards profile is reported. Brave support please help us

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Can someone, can help me?
My Youtube Bats are not being credited on UPHOLD.

My brave reward is automatically disconnected from uphold and after that when i gone for reconnect my uphold wallet , during authorization process it’s showing " Something went wrong, please try again" and
" Sorry there is problem in processing your request, please try again later".

I also contacted the uphold costumer service, they after going through my problem they clear that no issues from their site, suggest to contact brave support community.

So please solve my issues asap


Buenas como puedo hacer yo para retirar mis bat porq uphlop se va de Venezuela y Gémini acá no funciona ahora como puedo retirar mis bat​:thinking::thinking:

Since this month uphold automatically disconnected and when i am trying to reconnect message shows every 'region not supported ’ why this happened and when i m checking support community there lots of people asking the same.
So please check this issues.
And by the way I am not using any VPN nor i am installed any VPN app in my mobile.

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Que paso con Brave logo azul q ya no envía publicidad ya tengo unes sin recibirla y tenía 2.90 del mes ante pasado y no me las pasaron quedaron retenidas​:thinking::thinking::rage:

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Windows, Brave 1.44.112

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Yes, every month for about a year now.

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I did not receive my October 2022 BAT in Uphold. It has come as late as the 15th before, but never this late.

I have a msg that rewards have been received yet in my uphold wallet it has ZERO balance

the november reward payout for uphold is complete but i haven’t received my 7 bats.