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3 days since we were supposed to be paid… no one on gemini have been paid.

Here is a tip… get you fuggin heads out of each others asses and maybe you’
ll be able to do things correctly and on time.

what is the best way to verified my brave rewards since the philippines region is not listed on accepted region.

My Gemini integration is now faulty. I have tried on different computers, and despite logging in and authorizing with 2FA through Authy, I am left with a basic error message as outlined above by LJBC3D. Please advise.

Have been receiving BAT rewards into a verified Gemini exchange wallet for the better part of two years. I recently had to do a clean install of Windows and now Brave tells me “Region not supported” when I attempt to connect to my Gemini wallet. I used the brave/flags to force the Gemini button to become available, and when I log in to Gemini successfully, I still get the message that the Brave to Gemini connection is not available in my region. I’m in the U.S. What happened?