About the paymentt

hello there. i haven’t got my payment this mounth can someone help me

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Hi similar problem for me .I am using brave browser in two devices phone and laptop .But i am getting partial token even when they are on sync chain.I have to receive

  1. Phone -0.9xx bat
  2. Laptop -1.6xx bat tokens

But for jan payout .I should receive around 2.5 bat tokens but i got just 1 bat.Please resolve issue my wallet is linked to uphold

Hi there.

Mattches had opened a thread about that. Maybe it help you.

I have the same problem, but the CDD didn´t open, when I log into my Uphold account.
Maybe you have better luck with that.

the thing is my phone and my computer link to my uphold account and i have been using brave for almost 1 year so i got every payment. this month i got my payment from my phone but i couldnt get it from my computer

same issue, been onto uphold, they told me to contact brave, got in touch with brave and they are passing it off as some issue with Customer Due Dilligence when its clear that there is some kind of issue with the current version they pushed through due to the high volume of people claiming not to have received payment. getting slightly annoyed with the fact they keep closing threads with regards to this as the Brave mods obviously (who do a tough job with politeness don’t get me wrong here) have a target to respond to threads and get issues resolved as its more a box ticking exercise rather than getting the issue resolved, passing the buck to uphold claiming we have not passed some arbitrtrary due dilligence questions which most of us have no clue about seeing as its not the issue here.

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i got the payment just now.

yes me too, looks like something happened as although they stated payments were complete, a batch of payments all went through on the 16th it seems

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