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I have Brave on my iOS phone and computer. I suspect my issue is related to the fact I use a VPN not related to Brave. For a while I have been occasionally getting a message to prove I am a human on my phone. It is now happening more frequently. Today is the first time I had to prove I am a human on my computer. This is very obnoxious. I have been leaving brave and going to Safari or something else. What is going on here?


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Нет моего региона,исправьте,
Россия,чувашская республика город Канаш ,мой регион
[/quote] for everyone who does not understand the text is: It’s not my region, fix it,

Russia, Chuvash Republic, Kanash city, my region


Are use DuckDuckGo. I use DuckDuckGo and Brave browser too. 10 DuckDuckGo and the brave browser be used together at the same time? Can you do that? I’m trying to go to a website that I think may be tracking my activity. It’s an online international Sports website and it’s a…com website that is basically being redirected to DuckDuckGo app and I want to get to the website with the Brave app? Why is it redirecting me to DuckDuckGo? I am using an iPhone and I don’t use the Apple or iPhone browser because I believe that it tracks me? Can anybody help me? Or explain to me why I’m being redirected?
I’m trying to get to BETUS sports book.
Thank you very much,
Jim or James

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Hello. I would really like to know why bat is deducted monthly from my uphold wallet by brace software, if there are only 5 sites max that are bookmarked and there is NO AUTO TIPPING? What is this deduction for?

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I see this is closed. New here and not sure what to do now. The answer to the above question in the above link is - no I definutely do not have auto tip auto contribute activated. So sorry the late response. :smiley::pray::pray:

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havin an issue where the mobile browser had started crashing non stop ever since i had reset and loaded off of a backup from recovery

Disappointed with the end of mobile support.

I am an Android 6.0.1 user.
Support for users below this version has recently ended, making Brave no longer useful.

Until now, the ADBlock function (especially YouTube) has been useful. However, I am very disappointed that it is no longer available.

My cell phone is old but still works and is used very normally. Therefore, I don’t want to change my cell phone.

Please continue to support Brave for Android 6.0.1 and lower users.

Hi hello, newly open this brave app.

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Why does the system immediately auto hide posts as spam preventing any questions from being asked and seen by the community? I understand community support concept but if I can’t directly contact support why create rules that block the only way of seeking assistance?