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Нет моего региона,исправьте,
Россия,чувашская республика город Канаш ,мой регион



I would love for Brave’s mobile browser on the iOS to have the Brave Rewards BAT feature. I use it all the time on my desktop browsers. I will use between DuckDuckGo and Brave’s mobile app. I would use Brave’s app all the time if that feature was enabled.

Also, it would be nice to have a settings feature that whitelists certain websites cookies I choose while using “Block All Cookies” for all the other websites.


I am using the brave browser for about 1 week but i didn’t get any BAT .


I have brave since 3 days on my iPhone, iPad and desktop (win 10)
On my desktop brave doesn’t show me add and then I have not BAT.
On iPhone, 1Bat but since this night, I can see add but BAT doens’t Crédit.
On my IPad, just 0,5 BAT and I see all adds.
I think brave works not very well.


Never ever saw 1 showing since my windows crashed , hadn’t much the occasion but catched some adds , I thought maybe it’ll simply show monthly or is there something not working since my windows broswer account never showed me on my iPad what I had on my windows (a little amount)
Also does auto contribute reward attention back even without having the creative mind or time to be a contributor my self ?
Keep healthy , god blessings to all


How do you put out a product with all that hype and promises and provide no support or help!
The only way anyone can even try to get help with your product is this “forum”
The"brave community" is just a forum for problems that never get addressed, fronting as a “community”
A community of frustrated users talking to themselves.
People post problems and you never address them, you just let people struggle then close the thread after a 'while.
I have been using brave exclusively for several weeks on my android device and joined brave rewards as a content creator.
I get your ads constantly way more than I ever got with chrome and have to struggle with using the browser, it doesn’t work like you say it does, I have to go through all kinds of crap just to perform a search.
I receive multiple ads and push notifications constantly and have received 0 BAT.
Explain to me how I am supposed to ‘tip’ content creators when I earn no rewards.
Am I supposed to purchase BAT to tip?
Do yall have some kind of deal with the BAT developers to pump their coin?
I have read the FAQs and anything else I can find to try and figure out how this is supposed to work but it’s all based on lies.
I don’t earn rewards for using your browser or viewing your ads.
When I go to brave community to try to figure out why it, is of no help, but I can see how many others are having all kinds of issues and aren’t getting any help either.
If I dont get a reply, I’m just gonna delete your useless app and tell everyone I can what a fraud it is.
It really is a shame!
I was going to promote your product until I found out for myself that it’s BS!
Great idea, too bad it’s just another crypto scamm to get people to download your app.

P.S. Cute how you don’t allow the word sca m to be used on this forum. I can think of a whole list of words that are probably not allowed and why they are not.


… IMPORTANT hello, dear brave-TEAM*

Because I am “still trying/waiting” for an update" to be able to “transfer my collected ad-viewing-BAT” within my iPhone towards my already set up/working ( for the MacBook Air to transfer to Uphold = thankfully working fine so far … ! ) Uphold accound, I am “re-TRYing!” my best (( several attempts )) … to “sync” my MacBook Air with my iPhone 7plus - PLEASE HELP … -_- …

I got so far … :

  • mac installment of/with brave browser is working fine + already "connencted to uphold_tranfering BAT to uphold works as well.
  • the brave browser + collecting BAT via my iPhone 7 works.
  • MacBook Air: As I am “trying” to execute the sync procedure/path, I do only get to either sync "other dvice ( as I choose it it then via QR code my "connecting trial of the/via IPhone “JUMPS” after the scan to “safari, only = End-of-story” … -_- …
  • MacBook Air: If try the “other way” via sync code/chain code words" it does not get "accepted/processed - instead the "brave browser on desk is “shutting down COMPLETELY!?”

Funny-not funny FACTS: There seems to be no difference if I type THE 100 % correctly typed sync chain code words in manually or copy-paste to be sure - I read them already to be sure that I can be sure approx. 36 times - from my side I am doing things the “right way” but I am ending up in a “right-negative-situation” … -_- … as I actually just want to be able to transfer/connect the BAT tokens on my iPhone with the brave browser on my MacBook to THEN transfer/connect them with my uphold account AS WELL, like it “works already with the main/macBook-brave browser … !”

BIG THANKS in advance for your support … !!! … David_1101


Thank you so much for the updates!


I love Brave on destop and mobil app… but I can’t syn bookmark from gôgle chrome yet on mobiphone. Whp can help me?


I had installed Brave browser previously and deleted the app. When I reinstalled, the app is asking for a PIN that I might have created before but I dont remember it. Cant open the app. I am using it on iphone. Please help. Thanks.


Must be run by liberals! They’re the only ones I know that suppress freedom of speech whenever you call them out on their BS. Just started using brave a week or so ago and I’m not sure if I’ve gotten any bat yet, either. Good luck to all


I am receiving ads but not receiving any reward from last 2-3 months please look into this i am on android mobile i am using brave from last 2-3 years i have 11 bats stuck in my brave please help i am trying to contact brave support so many times


To all those frustrated that BAT isn’t available on ios and ipados, ya’ll can thank apple. There is a topic or somewhere mentioned that since apple wants all the payments thru apple id, brave rewards have been discontinued on ios and ipados. You can still see the ads, but you will not get any BAT. You could’ve atleast done some sort of research before coming here and venting about this issue. It has already been addressed plenty of times.


Hola no recibo mi pago de enero aún, y ahora deben hacer el pago de febrero? Par pasara con mis pagos a uphold? Nadie me responde.

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@Maximus3018 , @Saoiray ,


Hello, I have not received my January payment yet, and now you have to make the February payment? What will happen with my uphold payments? No one is answering me.


Mi pago de recompensas Brave aún no ah llegado a uphold el pago de enero? Viene con el de febrero?

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Try opening a topic for this @Maximus3018
Translation in spanish( I think it’s spanish u speak) if you have difficulty understanding: Intenta abrir un tema para esto @Maximus3018

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When I select the bat emblem to activate the ads on Android it appears to me to try again later or you are left thinking

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Please introduce a home button on top address bar when bottom bar is disabled.

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