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    • Is the issue on your end exactly the same as the one described in the main post or does it differ in any way? If so, how?
    • Is there anything unique about your device or setup that may be relevant? Conversely, is there anything about your setup or device that you have in common that was mentioned in other replies on the thread?
    • Do you have any screenshots or screen recordings of the behavior you’re willing to share?
    • Anything interesting or useful printed in the Dev tools Console?

Note that this category is intended for common bugs or issues, but may also include frequently requested features or common questions that have already been addressed.


Why is websites just popping up? They are gross to. How do I get them to stop. I’ve gone to settings and nothing. How do I block the website’s?


Turn on airplane mode and fast your being hacked

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Aku mau hapus kuki help

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So wheres this list of known issues…??

Please add to the known issues list the browser crashing on startup. Happens since weekend for me and is described here:

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