About the Extension Requests category (Please read before requesting)


Is there an extension you use regularly and would like to see added to Brave?

Please check here and in the category before you request an extension.

When requesting an extension please do the following:

  1. Search for duping requests on The list of the requested extensions
  2. Only one extension on a topic.
  3. Provide a link to the extension.
  4. Provide a brief explanation of what the extension does.
  5. Provide the reason why the extension should be added.

If the extension you want is already posted in the category, be sure to like it!

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Here are some hints for requesting an extension:

Any of the expressions like below would not work at all:

  • only thing keeping me on other browsers
  • must have for me
  • *stopper
  • *breaker

Please click +1 button instead of replying with those expressions.

Providing not only your personal preference but also some kind of “objective” grounds might help the team pick up the extension over the others.

It means: Please add the extension because I love it! does not sound better than this extension should be added because 1) the number of the user keeps growing 100% per a year, 2) ...

“This extension is great, awesome, promising …” As it is your preference, please consider to explain how we think it is great, awesome or promising. Providing a number is just one way of doing it.

The extensions which basically achieve the same object (quality switchers on YouTube, Gmail checkers, etc.) will not be preferred. It is always appreciated to provide an objective information which helps the team why they should / even must consider to implement the extension over the rest of the similar ones.

Please make sure that “I think this extension is important because it enhances the browser” kind of proposals are not good because it is what the extension is expected to do in general (We don’t call something Extension which does not enhance the browser).

Bottom line: Please do not forget that the resource of the team is heavily limited, and proposals only with please add this extension cause I love it is not better than ones with “objective” grounds.

If your proposal cannot convince us, not only the team but the rest of the users, please do not expect the extension will be implemented soon.

If you truly believe in the worth of the extension, please consider to provide information to persuade us and let us share its greatness.

Of course, you do not have to do so, but in this case, please expect that the extension will not be implemented by the team for a long time, and avoid claiming that the team ignores your suggestion.