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Support for the the Dev release of Brave Browser on desktop.

These releases show our work in progress and they aren’t for the faint-of-heart. Brave Dev showcases the newest advances that we’re bringing to your browser, but it’s a prototype, not a reliable daily driver. Try it out only if you’re looking for a little adventure in your browsing.

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i’ll surely try.
Let’s try something adventurous like this open jar files

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May I thank the BRAVE team of exceptional developers to request and spread the word to fully develop a 1000% safe and secure Desktop App that will encompass:

  1. DESKTOP DOWN LOAD that has your already BRAVE Search & Talk, Great Start

  2. “NEW” Brave Email both for Business & Personal

  3. “New” Website that can be …“easily” implemented with the BRAVE family of products for:

a. Both business and personal use

  1. “NEW” Brave Instant Messaging APP

  2. Ancillary Services by Top Notch Developers offering:

a. Website design/templates and Social Media Marketing Services

b. BRAVE Hosting Services and OPTIONS

  1. BRAVE Front Panel: php compared that’s 1000% secure !!!

  2. CRYPTO Currency Resources and TOOLS

In order to fully present to understand, by implementing such a request to the BRAVE Team and 3rd party developers, this would tighten up on one (1) platform direct to the source codes to avoid “outside” and anyone; hacking, to penetrate the BRAVE platform that can be implemented with the proper tools to avoid:

  1. Surveillance and privacy in which everyone seeks on a fair level playing field.

  2. Easy peezy–> Please contact Tommy Vee to assist and put forth such a BRAVE platform for he needs no introduction after fully programming and developing the first ICD-9 Hospital base medical software and services on a IBM System 36 using a 58 BIT Modem for Hospital base physicians in USA that literally streamed lined patient medical claims direct–> to over 80% of the private insurance and Medicaid/Medicare platform with an effective payment turnaround time of 10 days! MEDICARE/MEDICAID up to 30 days, what do you expect when Government gets involved to destroy the capitalism of the Medical Industry in the USA in 1989 when they announced: HMO/PPO’S that destroyed compensation for companies like mine known as; Computerized Management Services, INC= SOLD OFF IN 1990 for profit in the day and most recently: 2022 second owners with 200 Employees sold off for: a sweet $10M USD

4th largest Corporation in Simi Valley, CA 93065 1990’s-2011 - 9/11 destroyed this Industry for I don’t have to say no more.

Privacy and Security will always be key and should be ones main priority to avoid the criminal behavior of all Governments that constantly spy on its citizens and other Government, we all know this that are in the IT Industry regardless of what Country your from.

I chose my privacy to be kept sacred and far always from the violations that all of us thought we had and could be approved on a daily basis–> …whos with me !

I trust that the BRAVE Team responds for I am available to assist, develop and provide my insight for an expansion of all BRAVE Software and platforms.

Many blessings,
Tommy Vee
West Coast uSA