About the Brave Ads (Dev preview) category

Regarding the Brave Ads Developer Channel Preview

We continue to receive excellent feedback from users within the community who are testing the Brave Ads Developer Preview from our Brave Dev Channel. Based on this feedback, there are a few points we’d like to remind the community of in order to best collect your feedback, and to ensure reported issues are captured and properly placed in queue.

Leaving feedback and reporting bugs

The best place for testers to provide specific feedback, report issues observed with ads, estimated earnings, or any other general feedback (positive or negative), is within the dedicated category in the Brave Community forum: https://community.brave.com/c/developer-builds/brave-ads-dev-preview

If the issue you’re experiencing has already been reported – report it again!

It’s okay to have duplicates here; they help the team understand the scope and frequency of certain issues. Please use the existing Brave Community forum thread as opposed to Twitter, Telegram or Reddit, so we can make sure that your issue is addressed and included in queue.

Brave Ads will initially be released in the US, UK, Canada, France and Germany

We’ll support other countries across two future rollout phases, eventually reaching full global support. Please keep in mind that if you’re in a country that is not one of the five countries listed, you will not see ads in the Dev Channel Preview at this time.

Note that the Dev Channel is not our general release channel

It is the first release channel available to the public from our website for testing. Given that the Dev Channel is for testing new and experimental features, there are likely to be more bugs and more experimentation. However, you can install and run any channel on your machine without overwriting data from the others.

There are potential cases where your browsing profile or other local browsing data may be lost. Please keep in mind that browsing with the Dev Channel will not be as stable as our general release channel. That said, browsing with our Dev Channel is the closest thing our lead users can get to browsing in the future, so please do test and provide feedback!

We’re using the Dev Channel to test different ad rates, pricing rates, and to run experiments

This means there’s a high likelihood that tokens earned in the Dev Channel build will be lower than what many expect, and that the values will likely fluctuate as we conduct different experiments and tests. Such changes have already been observed by the community, but we’d like to acknowledge them here as well.

Issues happen

Your Dev Channel wallet or browsing profile might break. Know that as a tester in the Dev Channel, there’s a chance your wallet might have an issue and be wiped to zero. The reason we’re introducing this in the Dev Channel is to get these types of bugs worked out before our more polished general release. If this happens to you, please report the issue to the Brave Ads category so the team can capture the feedback.

We’ve observed our Dev Channel user base increase by over 2x since the Brave Ads preview became available, and are really excited to see the amount of interest, excitement and participation from the community with testing the ad platform. Please continue to test, report bugs often, and let us know what you like and don’t like in here along the way.
Thank you!


Hello, i have been watching the ads appearing for a month on the Brave Beta.
I managed to get to 4 BAT
The 5th of the month happens (which is supposed to be the payment day) and parts of the Bat disappeared from the Brave rewards but nothing got credited to the wallet.
Please let me know what to do to fix it
Thank you

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