About the Beta Builds category


Support for the the Beta release of Brave Browser on desktop.

Use this category to post all things Brave Beta related! We value your feedback and want to make sure everyone’s voice is heard. You can help us stay organized by posting your feedback in the appropriate category:

Use this category to provide general feedback about Brave Beta. Do you like the new look? Is navigating the Settings intuitive or too complicated? What have we improved on the most in Brave Beta and what still needs attention? Please stay constructive, but be honest!

Use this category for posting support requests and reporting bugs you encounter using Brave Beta. Remember that this is still a work in progress and issues, while hopefully minimal, are too be expected. Make sure you read the about page pinned in the category for guidelines.

Broken Extensions
We’re just as excited as you about extension compatibility in Brave! While we fine tune the way extensions and Brave interact there are bound to be some that behave badly or break all together. We’d like to get these fixed for you! Post buggy or broken extensions here and please stick to this format:

  • The name of the extension in the title of your topic
  • A brief description of the issue you’re encountering
  • Include what Operating System you’re using

This Category is primarily for logging extensions that aren’t working. Please see the Support section if you’d like us to troubleshoot the extension issue with you. If the problem can’t be resolved, you’ll likely be redirected here to add the extension to the list.

Thank you all for your patience and continued support! We can’t wait to hear what you all think!

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