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Much like the parent ‘Help Me’ category, the purpose here is to ask for help, just more specific to the Android app.

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  3. Which version of Brave you have installed.
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Phone is Oppo r7plusf
android is 5.1.1
current installed Brave is 1.0.29

Whenever I click on links to org or edu sites for the past few weeks, the app just gets stuck for almost 2 mins and I have to close and open again and try again that it reached a point where I had to use Chrome. There’s also this issue where when I’m on pages which need you to scroll up and down brave refuses to scroll down or it rather lags by just not responding at all for solid 10 seconds or more at times , I thought this was caused by opening the app while I had other apps open so I closed all the apps and tried it when only brave was running, I still had the issue.

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