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Landing a fix upstream, will keep an eye on over the coming days

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Site vumoo.to used to block ads using Brave. Now i must uninstall then install Brave for it to work for a day or 2 with aggressive setting on. Brave version is 1.46.146.

Note: ads populate when you click anywhere on the page. Brave used to be able to block this until recently.

I too have started getting ads on YouTube where I used to not get any ads at all . Does anyone know if it’s something I’m doing wrong or not doing that j need to do to get rid of the ads again? I added YouTube as a bookmark and to mg playlist and I also tried going to YouTube as a private site and when I did that I suddenly cannot gef the screen to rotate when I rotate my phone to its side and before I went to YouTube privately I could rotate my screen so I am just confused as tk whg both these issues have randomly popped up out of the blue when everything had been working perfectly up til a couple weeks ago. I am having these issues when using my iPhone 14 pro max by the way. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated!

I have the same problem with Youtube! Since I reinstalled my computer and installed Brave, I always get ads on Youtube.

On my computer at work I also have Brave and on my smartphone too! There is no advertising displayed… why?

random video ads on twitcht when i click on ad send me to this page: https://adclick.g.doubleclick.net

the ad is unbearable i get redirected with every click
the website : https://wvw.dramacool.dad/


https://wuxia.click has ads interspersed repeatedly throughout chapters.

This link will immediately give you a chapter to look at instead of navigating through the main site.

I assume default settings since I’ve never messed with them.

They might be 1st party ads but idk how to tell that, all I know is trying to read a novel that’s interspersed with ads is like the worst thing.

If you follow the link and open any story every chapter will have 4 ads for some ai program and some are annoyingly somewhat modestly sexually driven as such.

the screenshot belongs to the ad popping up.

The site where it is linked to is interrupted during my use (even while i use the Brave Browser).
The browser is what i expect should block these pop ups. It has been blocking it until the host site changed its domain name from soap2day.to to soap2day.tf