About the $1 million tokens reward

I have my doubts about the referral program.

What happens if I have 10 referrals which have installed Brave. Then after 20 days, Brave says that they’ve paid all the $1 million tokens to the affiliates. Does that mean I won’t get any money for referring these users after 30 days?

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Umm, it’s obvious. From that 1m$ you got your money, so you will be able to withdraw even after the reward system is finished.

No, I mean, the $5 bonus gets paid only 30 days days after the referral has installed and used Brave. The referral gets confirmed only after 30 days. What if he is my referral, but he hasn’t been confirmed yet, because it’s been only 20 days, and the giveaway tokens have run out?

If it’s not confirmed, I guess you won’t get the money. But the rewards won t run out for a few months, I actually think it will last until the end of the year.

Would love a confirmation from a mod or a member of staff

Hi there, it’s interesting topic, I’m afraid it could be true, does anybody know how many tokens were gave away already?

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Buenas tardes, tengo una confusión,sobre la recompensa de fichas de $ 1 millón, es algo nuevo o que? Yo soy creador de contenidos desde hace meses. Tampoco se dónde debo escribir para recibir ayuda. Gracias.

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