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Hi! I’m in Brave Rewards since 2018. And I’ve uploaded reviews in my Youtube’s Channel and in my social networks. The problem is that in my videos there is Brave’s logo and there is a part with a quote from an oficial video of Brave (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPFJZLFACTw) while I speak about the speed.
The question is, I must to remove my videos?? Because in point 19.4 of Terms of Service said:

“Your Invitation(s) will not include any content which might in Company’s sole judgement reasonably lead a person perceiving that invitation to believe that you are representing yourself to be Company, or to be an authorized agent, representative, or affiliate of Company. You will not use Company’s branded terms including but not limited to “Brave”, “Brave.com”, “Brave Browser”, or “Brave Software” for to target or promote your Invitation(s). Your Invitation(s) will not imitate or resemble Company’s websites, social media profiles, or other public communications, nor will they use trademarks, graphics, images, logos or other assets from such.”

So when we advertise.
we can’t put a title that has the word “Brave” and keywords can’t have the word “Brave”.
I still do not understand

Perhaps this is only connected with advertising sites in Google, Yandex.

I believe they will not answer on forum each specific question. You are fine still using their banners and promo materials, but you should not immitate in any case the orginal brave.com website, fan page or advertise direct links. You can still advertise your website or channel, but with generic keywords only and yes, you can still mention brave browser on website or channel.

Ive just deleted their logo from my websites, since logo is not included in the media pack.

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