About tabs and grouping tabs

Based on the inconvenience felt while using the tab grouping function, I would like to suggest one of the development directions of the grouping function

  1. Allows you to name grouped tabs.
    This is always a shame when using grouped tabs.
    It can be replaced to some extent by using bookmarks or visiting records, but if the position in the middle is more solidified, convenience will increase considerably.

  2. I want you to add a function to fix the tab. I want you to add a function so that it doesn’t erase even if you press the drag or erase all button.
    Of course, this is a request that is an extension of the function mentioned in 1.
    Naming a grouping love means that it is important or will cover the number of times, but Bandu will reconnect. Here, it will be much easier to reconnect to a site that is certain to be reconnected again and again in an important case corresponding to the former

  3. Add the ability to search for tab names to the background where you view the entire tab so that you can easily find grouped tabs with names.
    This also can further strengthen the stump of 1. and 2. with a function that extends from 2

  4. I want to improve the function of going to the entire tab in the lower toolbar.
    When a user presses this button to enter and exit an individual tab, all tabs in the entire tab or in a grouped tab will be released as the entire tab. The uniform rooming may make the app lighter, but it is not user-friendly. So, if you press the exit button on the group tab, you go to the group tab and If you press the button again, I want you to make it possible to always choose how to go to the entire tab and how to go to the entire tab regardless of whether you are in the group tab or not.

  5. Allowing him to choose the kind of the tab.
    The tab currently in use is a grid. I am satisfied with this tab and use it, and other users have a high preference for this tab, so I think you have adopted it. But it’s not a grid, it’s a stack, vertical list,slim list could be preferred.
    And another problem with holding the tab type as one is that there is no way to work on it even if it is randomly switched to another type of tab. In fact, this error is one of the errors that I made quite a lot while using it.
    For the above two reasons, I would like to increase the type of tab and give the user a choice

  6. When you go to the Secret tab, I want you to add a function that allows you to enter after passing through the user’s authentication class once. Of course, there will definitely be users who are bothered by this, so I hope this will also be given a choice.
    I hope that the authentication process will support methods such as pin numbers and fingerprint recognition.

  7. When using a PC or tablet, you can visually see how many tabs are currently open and which are not grouped together on the top address window, and the ability to cross right over also increases usability.Of course, the smartphone cannot be applied as it is due to its small screen, but I hope it will support the mobile function. Of course, I know that mobile also supports some of this function. It is true that the function is supported only on the grouped tabs, so the usability is increased, but touch errors occur frequently because of the too small icons, and The small icons cause a significant decrease in sense of distinction, so it cannot be said that it is convenient.
    So I want you to support it with a function optimized for mobile. Of course, I also want to give the user the option to activate and deactivate

Sloppy writing, but it was kind of you to read…
And I don’t mean to find a flaw in the browser and cut it down at all, and I want you to know that even now, a great app has written this in the hope of widening the gap with other competitors and increasing the number of subscribers