About Statements items

hey, I have some questions about Statements items.
After creating my statements in https://publishers.basicattentiontoken.org/publishers/statements,
and downloading a .csv file, I don’t real understand the file,

note timestamp publisher currency amount BAT BAT fees
User contributions #url 0 0
User contributions 20180722-131021 #url 0 0

(#url means my blog website url)
what does currency/amount/BAT/BAT fees means? why they are all 0(or empty) in my website ?

I also use brave browser and use Brave Payments, but can’t get any donation – balance is 0.0 .(My browser told me donation to my website has been done yesterday,maybe the second record?)


Hi @user12138,

The record is start with entry that have a date. First line is only show total BAT and BAT fees.

  • URL is your website URL.
  • Currency is what you set for deposit @ publishers dashboard [1].
  • Amount is total of received money in currency that you set.
  • BAT is total BAT that you received.
  • And BAT fees is BAT that be used to process the transaction.

Both Currency and Amount only shown under payout entry. It’s not shown for now because it seems you’re not yet paid. Payout date is at 8th at every month.

And 0 entry mean the received BAT not yet sent to your publishers wallet. Each contribution from users not directly sent to publishers wallet, but to escrow wallet first. That’s why you see 0 entry there. It should show the correct value in a days.

[1] https://publishers.basicattentiontoken.org

I hope I’m not missed anything.
Thank you,

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