About site issues. I need help to solve this problem

Spotify web play page won’t open. Netflix does not support watching videos. Amazon prime video does not support watching video. It talks about an update, but in the settings it says everything is up to date.

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UPDATED Thu, Mar. 10, 2022

Probably, you need to use “Sites that can always use cookies” at:


and “Allowed to use javascript” at:


Quit Brave Browser. Start Brave Browser and have open, ONLY a New Window . . . and enter the brave URL.

Specifically, you need to find out, what are the sources for the cookies and javascripts. Get to know, how to use Developer Tools.

Try, as examples, the following:

NOTE: I indicate where known cookies exist, and a need for javascript being enabled, exists – yet I would consider ALL in the following lists, to be possible sources for cookies and for scripts. So, when in doubt and / or testing, try them.

NOTE: Spotify cookies are very intrusive.

spotify.com” (no quotes; cookies; javascript)
www.spotify.com” (no quotes; javascript)
open.spotify.com” (no quotes; cookies; javascript)
open.scdn.co” (no quotes, and Yes, the tail end is only “.co”; javascript)
scdn.co” (IF no luck, so far - otherwise, skip; no quotes)
guc3-spclient.spotify.com” (no quotes; javascript)

netflix.com” (no quotes; cookies)
www.netflix.com” (no quotes; cookies)
nflxext.com” (no quotes)
assets.nflxext.com” (no quotes; javascript)
codex.nflxext.com” (no quotes; javascript)
help.nflxext.com” (no quotes; javascript)

amazon.com” (no quotes; MANY cookies)
www.amazon.com” (no quotes; cookies; javascript)
aws.amazon.com” (no quotes; MANY cookies; javascript)
a0.awsstatic.com” (no quotes; cookies; javascript)
signin.aws.amazon.com” (no quotes; MANY cookies; javascript)"
media-amazon.com” (no quotes)
m.media-amazon.com” (no quotes)
ssl-images-amazon.com” (no quotes)
video-weaver.jfk04hls.livevideo.net” (no quotes)
video-weaver.jfk06hls.livevideo.net” (no quotes)
player.stats.live-video.net” (no quotes)
playback.live-video.net” (no quotes)
player.live-video.net” (no quotes)

Become familiar with Developer Tools > Network tool and Developer Tools > Application tool.

How to use Developer Tools




Developer Tools > Network tool is where you search for sources of scripts and other items that will qualify despite their not being obvious scripts.


Developer Tools > Application tool is where you will find the sources of cookies.

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