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Dear management, first of all greet you all. I wanted to get some information about the reference system. As creators, we benefit from the reference system as well as the tip system. The topic I want to learn is about the future of the reference system. Is the reference system a short-term system or is it long-term? So are you considering removing it anytime soon? The reason I ask this is that the number of users of the browser has increased considerably and you will no longer need a reference system. But we, as creators, are actually very pleased to have a reference system. Can you give information about this subject?


You’ll be notified when the program will end. But for now, it’s safe to assume the referral program will still running.


So, is the end of the program dependent on the circulating supply?

@eljuno i guess you didn’t see the reply.

Hello @aslanzookral,

I’m not sure about that. It’s Brave own decision.

I got it. So thanks for reply by the way.

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