About Not Recieving full Rewards

Hello Team Brave,

I can use the brave browser from last one week and I am earning 1.083 Bat tokens from the last 7 days but today is the payment date so I will receive only 0.250 Bat tokens from the brave browser. I am seeing the Reward Setting it Displays 0.912 Rewards is Estimating Pending Rewards. So what is Estimating Pending Rewards and I can use that 0.912 Tokens or not.

Please reply to me.

Thank You

Hi @ajaynevase17 I’m glad to hear you’ve received your reward. Some of us haven’t (me included). The reward count only from the beginning of the month to the end of it. So the beginning of this month meaning this past week of your ad reward will be count as pending reward.

You will received your pending reward into your browser or Uphold account( if you’re verified) in the next payout( next month).

Hope this answer will satisfy you.

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Its that True
That Means next date of payment is 6 Jul an the Earning Considerd 1 Jun to 30 Jun

@ajaynevase17 Yes it is true. or at least that was what I saw in other pose.

One more think know me that i am also using mobile browser and when I am click on claime it displays Something is wrong. So what it the solution for that. I am attaching Screenshot

I’m not sure about this. Actually this is the first month for me to receive the reward from mobile device. I didn’t get any bat for last month either. But this month I get the accurate amount for my android device, but my Mac still haven’t yet . I also saw some people posting the same issue as your, but the moderator haven’t given any answer for the problem yet. Retry to claim the reward again. Try to mention Brave Team by using @ someone in your post for their help.

OK Thank you for helping me

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