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Hello Team Brave,
I will verified 4 Devices from Brave Browser And Directely Uninstall 3 Diveses without Disconnecting Device Brave Rewards.
But I cannot Verifiy New Device because of 4 Devices already Verified. I know the Disconnect Procedure of Device. But When I go to verify device and againe login with accout accout Displays Many Devices Connected Please tell me the procedure when Certified Device uninstall Directly the What is the procedure of Disconnect the Devic from Brave Rewards.
I have to Connect new device with Brave rewards Please help me and tell when Device is Browser uninstalling Directly the What is the Procedure of Disconnect From Brave Wallet. Please Reply as soon as possible.

Hello @ajaynevase17
Currently it is not possible to unlink all the previous devices connected. The team is working on this and breakthrough may come in the near future. For now you can submit a form from the steps outlined HERE and they will remove one device so you can connect one of your devices.

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