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I know that brave wallet (uphold and gemini will be updated soon) but I’m jsut saying that if I change my computer or reset my browser I will lost my progress.It’s not like google chorme that will save my progress by just login into the browser.So just saying if I had friend from like another country like poland or UK,Will I be able to collect my brave reward by his account?
Sorry for my english,I’m not fluent.

No. You can only earn for your own account and in order to earn you need to be connected to a custodial partner. You will have had to provide documents and gone through KYC/AML process in that account.

While one may technically be able to log into a friends account and connect the browser that way, you’ll encounter an issue in that you mentioned a different country. You will have to choose your country and it will look at your OS settings, IP address, etc. So if you claim you’re in a country you aren’t, it might get the account suspended/flagged and could cause your friend to get their accounts in trouble for fraud.

These are different things, btw. Brave Wallet is a self custody crypto wallet. You can’t receive Rewards payments there but you can send and receive other crypto.

What you’re speaking of is simply Rewards. Brave Rewards and Brave Wallet are different terms and limitations.

Only if you’re not verified. When you’re verified/connected with a place like Uphold, then it’s all sent to Uphold and saved there. Once there, you don’t lose it even if you change your device or reset your browser.

uphold is not available in my region

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