About brave browser unpaid ads balance

I earned 45.1 bat from brave ads in this mont. That paid date was may 6. My on may 6, there came a notification on brave browser wallet.And that said claim,but when i claimed that was loading and loading. When i boared about causes of loading i came back from brave browse. But when i went brave browser again I noticed there had no claim option and my balance showed 0.0 bat.what i do now.plaese send back my 45.1 bat quickl.

same problem please fix it

same problem here, didnt got any

See May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors for explanation

Hello, Bat rewards fall back to 0 for 2 Month ago consecutively at the claim day. And no history found ! Uphold account correctly configured and previous bat earned were transfered. Me and a friend have the same uphold account configured and bats earned by her were correctly transfered. May you tell what is wrong or what to check ?


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