About brave browser pranking

What is happening here? All system of brave are now changed, It’s working like a fool. When I am asking something from brave communit, then they don’t answer of any question. So, we should unistall brave browser permanently. I think Brave browser gone forever…

what are your exact issues with brave browser? maybe there are some steps you missed when setting up your ad rewards payments.

I have too many problem of brave browser. First, I had 47.2 bat on ads estimated pending reward but suddenly It’s showing 0.1 bat, all bat has disappeared from ads estimated pending reward. Second when jun 1, I saw ads estimated pending reward date also changed from 6 jun to 6 july. First all bat has disappeared second ads reward date changed. And my auto contribute date also changed from 12 jun to 29 jun. I am very disappointed. Please help me.

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